Tops For College Girls

Tops For College Girls
Women’s fashions undergo a style cycle every twenty to thirty years. A fashion may be introduced today that lasts for a few years, then a different style comes into vogue. A few decades from now, that original style may make its way back onto catwalks and into departments stores again, sometimes with new twists, other times, not. But exceptions exist in any clothing line—including in ladies tops.

The loop knit top is one such fashion. Conceived years ago, this perennial style still lends the same comfort, great looks and versatility it always did.

The Vila knit loop top, for instance, can be worn during any season. Wear it with slacks and dress shoes, and you’re ready for work. Slip on some narrow-legged jeans and a sleek pair of heels, and you’re ready to go dancing. Try some leggings and shoes for a very casual, comfortable look. Wear a slip, camisole or blouse under it, and you have a great look for spring or autumn. Add a cardigan, and you have a terrific—and warm—look for winter.

The wool-acrylic blend in the Vila knit loop top allows quick and easy washing: Just toss it in the washer at the house.

Whatever look you want, remember the classics that allow many options in one garment.


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