How to Look Good in a Short Time (for Girls)

How to Look Good in a Short Time (for Girls)

  1. Learn to see yourself as a natural beauty, meaning that you don't have to "put on your face" in the morning and straighten your hair to death. Most girls are natural beauties. Less is more to guys that like natural looking girls. But if you don't feel comfortable like that then blush and some lip gloss will do the trick.

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    Bad hair day? Not really. Learn to work with your hair and not fight it. You'll thank your hair, and yourself. Just a little brushing, and combing would do the trick but it's the easiest, and quickest way to have a cute hairdo. If you have greasy hair and you don't have time to wash it, brush your hair in a sleek ponytail and put on a wide headband. it will look sleek and cute and the headband will hide your greasy roots! and if its super greasy it will just look like you put your hair in a sleek pony and put a bunch of hairspray on it to make it look sleeker
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    Also use pomades and gel to get nice hairstyles, and keep them in place. Non frizzing serum is simple and smooths hair. If you want a nice well hair style and may have enough time during the night do it then, and wrap it in a silk scarf to keep the style looking fresh for the morning. If you don't have enough time to wash your hair (for those who washes hair every morning) then just sprinkle some talcum'll absorb the greasiness and scent.
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    If you're looking for a really easy hairdo that looks polished, a simple braid (or french braid) looks pretty but is really easy to do, and will hide a day when your hair isn't looking its best.
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    Take as I like to call a bird's a simple 5 minute shower. It's better 
    1. than not taking one at all. But exfoliate it's quick and simple. Exfoliating remove those dead skin cells so your skin can glow. You'll feel great pampering yourself in the scents.
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      Before putting on your make up, take time on your acne treatments. Instead of wasting time over a sauna, the steam during a warm, and steamy shower opens up the pores as well, so you're getting clean and opening your pores at the same time so exfoliating and cleansing would be a easy, and pretty manner. And even though you're taking time on your acne treatments you may have time to do the rest of these quick fixes.
    3. 7
      Now make up should be could do it on your way to school or work. A little concealer, blush, mascara, and lipstick/gloss looks simple, polished but done in a flash. Or even better use a 3 in one makeup tool. It only takes at least seconds to do.
    4. 8
      Think of the clothes the night before. So you won't have to waste time looking through your closet for hours searching for something to wear. Be aware of the weather also. Post a calendar and note down the weather so you know what to wear. You'll be prepared for any situation....
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      Try not to stay up too late in the night. You want to look good...and sleeping a bit earlier would jump start your day so you won't have to oversleep...and you may not need the tips from this guide...well maybe a few.
    6. 10
      Spray on some perfume that makes you feel beautiful. If you feel pretty in the perfume it will boost your confidence.


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