Tops For College Girls

Tops For College Girls

One Shouldered Tops

The one shouldered trend has been roaring all summer, and to be honest, I have a mixed feelings about it. It can be a modern and sexy take on Grecian, especially if you have great arms, but take note of a few guidelines when wearing it.

I've seen many women who are unaware of their bodies and the lines they are creating, and they end up with a one-shouldered top that makes them look overly broad-shouldered or does strange things to their breasts. This can be solved with a different strap width.

Also, this trend requires a strapless or convertible bra. Wearing a normal bra looks out of place. Going without a bra can make you look lopsided. Also, make sure you're not showing cleavage as that makes you, not the shirt, look asymmetrical.

In summation, think of your boobies, ladies!

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