lips liner

Lips are the most attractive and beautiful part of your face. Lips play an important role in facial beauty of every woman. Every young girl and women of every age want to have beautiful, pinkish and attractive lips.
This require extra lip care, use of lips beauty products and to some extend, right lips makeup. Although the natural lips beauty products may enhance lips beauty but we can’t ignore the importance of lips make up and the right application of the lips makeup tips.
First, choose a lipstick color that suits you. For this, the draping step cannot be ignored. However, rules say that dark-haired women should go for red or maroon shades, blondes should choose lighter colors in pink hues, while for red-haired the best option is orange.Lip liner can help your makeup stay put and can help define your lips in a wonderful way. It can make you look sexier than ever when added correctly to your makeup routine, but the trick is in applying the right shades for the best possible effect


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