Tips in Choosing the Right Wedding Hairstyle

Tips in Choosing the Right Wedding Hairstyle

Still haven’t decided what hairstyle to have on your big day? Don’t sweat it. Here are a few suggestions to help you decide.

Tip #1: Look for inspiration

Deciding on your wedding hairstyle can be difficult if you don’t have any idea where to start. Your best bet is to look for inspiration in wedding magazines, online photo albums, photographers’ wedding catalogues or even celebrity pictures during red carpet events. You can also just type "wedding hairstyles for 20XX" in a search engine and start poring over results.

Tip #2: Match it with your gown

However, you can’t just choose any hairstyle that you fancy. You also need to consider the type of gown that you’ll be wearing and the wedding’s overall theme. Simple gowns often go with a simple hairstyle, while an intricate dress would be better suited to an equally intricate coiffure.

Tip #3: Consider your face shape

Choosing the right wedding hairstyle is similar to picking your regular everyday haircut—you need to match it with your face shape. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, go for a style that will add volume at the bottom of your face. On the other hand, a long and narrow face would better suit a one-length hairstyle.

Tip #4: Take the headpiece into consideration

Whatever you plan to put on your head on your wedding day would also influence your hairstyle. Would you be wearing a tiara? Would you use a veil or even a birdcage blusher? Your hairstyle should work with whatever headpiece you will use.

Tip #5: Follow your hair’s tendencies

To further increase the chances of your hair cooperating on your wedding day, try to stick close to your hair’s natural tendencies when deciding on a hairstyle. Avoid styles that would drastically change how your hair behaves; it won’t look as good as staying near your natural type and texture.

Tip #6: Look at previous dos

Think about what worked for you in the past. If a certain hairstyle makes you look good, then consider using it. If you’ve had difficulty with a previous hairdo, then avoid it even if you have complete faith in your hairstylist.

Tip #7: Pick a style that lasts through the day

Your hairstyle of choice should be able to hold up through the day, or at least throughout the event. It should be able to survive all the dancing and moving around, especially if your wedding is outdoors.

Tip #8: Go for classicsEver noticed how dated some wedding photos look? That’s because people in the pictures, including the bride, went for trendy hairstyles and outfits. If you want your wedding photos to withstand the test of time, go for timeless hairdos like braids, ponytails, chignons and the like.

Tip #9: See a hairstylist

Consult a hairstylist and talk about your planned hairstyle. Don’t forget to bring a photo of your gown, veil and other headdresses to help the stylist see if your hairstyle would suit your ensemble. Your stylist can help you decide and of course, prepare your hairstyle.

Tip #10: Avoid last-minute changes

Don’t make any drastic, last-minute (e.g. day before/of the wedding) changes to your hairstyle. It could give you problems when the day comes. If you must make changes, ask your stylist first.