How to Have Great Hair

  •  Tips for have great hair

  • Hair is dead, only the roots are living– "healthy" hair is a purely a cosmetic term.
  • If you notice your hair is becoming dry wash it less frequently, so the natural oil balance can be restored. Instructions on shampoo bottles are designed to make you use it up and buy more– adjust the amount you use according to you haircare regime.
  • Invest in good styling products and supplies.
  • Organic shampoos are good to use- they are usually gentler and healthier for your hair.
  • Thoroughly rinse hair before swimming so it doesn't absorb the chlorine, and thoroughly wash hair afterward to get rid of chlorine.
  • The best shampoos are ones you have tried and make your hair look good. Buy shampoo designed for your hair type and needs. If you are willingly to spend extra money, go to a salon, talk to a hairdresser about recommended shampoos and conditioners, and purchase one.
  • You can usually tell when it's time to wash your hair, because it will start getting oily at the roots. If you wash it too often, it causes frizz. If you don't wash it often enough, that causes dandruff.
  • Do not overuse shine products to control frizzes -- they often contain silicone that can coat your hair after just a few applications and can prove harmful.
  • To prevent damage, wet your hair with tap water before you swim. The more wet your hair before you swim, the less salt water and chlorine it will absorb.
  • Always wash your hair after you swim to get the chlorine out. Try swimming with a swim cap on.
  • Protect your hair from the sun with a large, floppy hat or hair products that contain sunscreen.
  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase--cotton pillowcases make hair look dry; they suck out the 
    • moisture and can cause frizz.
    • If you have very dry hair choose a deep conditioner and apply at the ends on dry hair. Leave it in overnight and sleep on it, then make sure you fully rinse it out in the morning, but do not wash it. Your hair will be noticeably different (in a good way)!
    • Unless you have extra greasy hair it's actually a BAD thing to wash your hair every single day. You are washing away your hair's own precious moisture and oil.
    • When using hairspray, make sure you wash out thoroughly as it will damage the cuticle in the hair; this is how split ends are caused.
    • Always use heat protection spray when using heat appliances on your hair.


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