Indian Nose Pin

                                                Indian Nose Pin

 Nose Pins and Nose Rings come in various styles, with and without stones, some with enamel, some with precious and semi-precious stones including mainly diamonds, pearls, sapphires and rubies. The nose pins are made in two main styles, the wire type and the screw type, the difference is mainly due to the way they are worn, the details are given below:Wire Style nose pins: The wire style nose pins may be easier to wear for someone who has the nose pierced recently, as it is thinner, it consist of a wire, with the stone or decoration on the top surface, the wire is malleable so can be easily twisted and turned with out breaking, the wire is inserted in the pierced hole and then turned to a comfortable position from inside the nosestrill so as not to hurt or poke the inside of the nosePush style or screw style nose pins: The difference between the push style and screw style is minor, the push style as the name suggest, is just pushed on the back of the stem, it is easier to wear, the disadvantage it that the back may be lost as it is just held by friction, which is not the case with the screw style nose pins as these have to be screwed tight, the procedure to wear the screw style nose pin is simple enough, it consist of two parts, a tiny stem about 1-1.5 mm thick, which is inserted in the pierced hole in the nose, the second part is a screw which is tightened from inside the noses trill, the screw section is long enough, so it is easier to hold between the finger and thumb, while trying to screw it on the stem.

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