How to look pretty for school and college

How to look pretty for school and college


Begin by washing your face with a gentle facial scrub, then a cream wash. Neutrogena's products are especially good. Check that whatever you use is suitable for daily use, because if it is too harsh it will dry out your skin.
1.      Pat your face dry and apply moisturiser. Contrary to what some people believe, you should apply mosturiser whatever skin type you have. If you have oily skin, use a lighter one. You may also choose to apply eye cream at this point (don't use normal moisturiser on your eyes because the skin around them is very thin and delicate).

2.      Find a foundation that matches your skin tone, or that is just a little bit lighter. Test it on your jaw line/the back of your hand. Dip your foundation brush in (The Body Shop does nice ones) and dot the foundation on your cheeks, nose, chin and between your eyes. Work outwards, spreading the foundation across your face. Make sure you go up to your hairline and along your jawline (and a little bit lower). Don't use too much - a little goes a long way!
3.      Next step - concealer. Dab a small amount (L'Oreal Touche Magique is fab) under your eyes and over any blemishes and blend lightly with your ring finger.
4.      A wash of peachy cream blush makes you look awake and ready to face the day. Smile and dot it on the apples of your cheeks, then blend upwards. (Try Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin by Maybelline).
5.      A light dusting of loose translucent powder all over your face will set your makeup, control shine and give a lovely matte finish.
6.      Now for the eyes! Spread a beige/cream shadow all over the lid and up to the browbone. Then sweep a shadow a few shades darker along the crease and the outer, upper lash line. This gives the eyes a 'shadow' effect. Finish with a sweep of dark brown/black liner across the upper lid (liquid and pencil both work well). Work outwards, then when you reach the edge of your eye don't extend the line too much, just do a tiny, sweet flick at the outer corners.
7.      Finish the look with a slick of peachy, subtle lip colour. Beautiful!
8 In the evening spend five minutes giving your nails a coat of clear/pearly varnish to keep them glossy and strong.
9.      Now for the hair! Now you dont have to do this but o something with your hair!
10.  I mostly straighten my hair but try other things like curling!
11.  Buy multipack earring sets and wear a different pair each day.
12.  This doesn't really count because you can't SEE it, but wearing a nice perfume will definitely make you feel (and smell) prettier. Whenever you get stressed at school, just smell your wrists and you will be rejuvenated!
12 Also make sure your clothes are clean and neat. You could pick out your outfits at night for the next day if you have a limited amount of time in the mornings. Pick clothes that are in style and don't go too overboard on a trend. For example, do not wear very fancy dresses, really baggy sweatpants, or slippers and pajama pants to school, save them for their appropriate time.


Wash your hair the evening before if you need to save time. You could plait it while it is still wet to save time.
You only really need foundation if your skin tone is uneven. If you have even skin, you only need moisturiser and perhaps a little powder.
Good makeup brushes really do make a difference, so don't hesitate to spend a little more on them.
Carry a tin of Vaseline with you. It is perfect for sore lips and dry skin. It also helps to tame flyaways! And if you don't like mascara, a week of putting this on your lashes will make them look like you are always wearing mascara!
Don't use too much hairspray it will look greasy and oily and unattractive

edit Warnings

Don't overdo it for school. Makeup should be relaxed and subtle - you don't want your teachers getting annoyed.