Nail Art Design

Nail Art Design
Creative Nail Art
As far as the design and color are concerned, choose them on the basis of the season and occasion. Formerly, pink is the commonly used color for nail art, but today, gold, red and blue are widely used colcially suitable for creating nail art for wedding. For occasions like Christmas, you can make a Christmas tree or holly leaves on your nails, while for valentine day, red hearts with cupids would look fabulous.

Choose a shimmering color and design that suits your personality and embed items like glitters, beads or flowers to create a unique look for your nails. Along with taking the help of a professional, also try to unleash your own creativity and imagination to make some sensational nail art.
Read more at Buzors for nail art. You can either go for freehand designs that you can create on your own art by using brushes, acrylic paints, beads, glitters, etc.

Generally, liquid and powder nail extensions are known as acrylic nails. Here, colored powders are mixed to produce different shades, while glitters, crushed shells, dried flowers, beads, pearls, and even stones are embedded to create some of the fascinating nail designs. On the other hand, French manicure nail art is another simple yet stunning innovation that imparts a classy look to your nails. It can be developed by using acrylic (liquid and powder) or fiberglass or UV gels. To create these designs, first of all you have to use a white enamel to paint the free edge of the nail to give them a French manicure look.

For special occasions like wedding, you can select more intricate designs. Nail piercing for wearing jewelry is another popular option of nail art. Embedding gemstones, rhinestones and pearls are spezle: 


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