Little Girls Hairstyles

Little Girls Hairstyles

Cute Hairstyles for Cute Little Girls

Well this article surely takes me back to my childhood days. I remember (as am sure most of you can too relate to your childhood days) how my mom loved to style my head with cute little flower stuck hair bands and small little funky clips and so on.

I never liked braided art for my hairas a little girl, but today you can give your little ones some real cool braided hairstyles as follows:

little girls hairstyles for school

See this one is so simple yet looks good enough with a big flower. I am sure your girl will love it with the flower power! 

bridal hairstyles for school going girls

You can try this side to side complicated braid too, looks real good I must say! Jazz it up with some hair accessories!

bridal ponytail hairstyles for kids

Another braided style, from one side and then tied to the pony as a band. Looks good!

beautiful hairstyles for girls

You can do the above style also, keeping hair simple at the front and doing double triple and multiple knotting with stylish bands.
ponytail hairstyles for school girls

You can give this style a try too for your little princess. Multiple knotting in parallel at the back and at the front a side sweeping of hair. Leave some hairs loose at the back too!
sectioned ponytail hairstyles for school kids

You can try out this sectioning pony style on your girl's hair too. Give it some non heat roller curling , if needed. Or roll using strong hold gel and a pencil.

medium wavy hairstyles for kids

Hair bows and bands never go out of fashion; these days even big girls like us use them. They are a great trend for hair styles. Give some big flowery bands a try.
birthday party hairstyles for school girls
For a birthday party go for a full curled look, Use a hot curler, because without that this look is impossible to get !
side twist hairstyles for girls
Simple and side twisted, good for a school going stylish girl too! Give it a try!
fish cut hairstyle for girls

This one am sure u can make the trick out. This looks good and is simple too. I feel like doing this for my own hair! LOL!Flower Girls Diamond Hairstyle

  This is one of our newest girls hairstyles and it is just perfect for all girls who have hair shoulder length or longer. We began by giving her bouncy curls. Next, starting with the center front, we gathered a small amount of hair and secured to the top of her head with a small clip. We did the same with each side and secured seperately to the top back of her head on either side. Taking half of the hair in the first clip, we added it to each side clip. Using the other half of the divided hair, we added three more clips a few inches lower with the divided hair to form a diamond design for this little girls hairstyle.   
Girls Looped Ponytail Hairstyle
This is a fast easy girls hairstyle that is a fun different look from a braid hairstyle and is perfect for a hot summer day.  Pull her hair into a low, loose (not tight against her head) ponytail and secure.  Using your fingers, divide her hair in half just above the ponytail holder. (You are making a hole or tunnel above the ponytail holder)  Now, take the ponytail and flip it into and through the tunnel of hair going from the top down.  Using another ponytail holder, secure a second section of hair. Follow the steps above until the second section is secured and flipped and pulled through the second tunnel.  Continue once more until you have three sections of ponytails that have looped.   
Bow Little Girls Hairstyle

What makes this hairstyle so special - the beautiful curls of course!  This is your standard some up/some down little girls hairstyle.  Start by gathering the top front of her hair to the top back of her head and secure with a ponytail holder or a clip that will not slip out.  Top it off with a beautiful bow - and even a flower or two.  This little girls syles keep the hair out of her eyes and works wonderfully on girls with or without bangs!

Girls Cascading Curls Updo
For this easy, formal updo, your little girl needs to have long hair – several inches longer than her shoulders. Once she has a full head of bouncy curls, (to see our secret for beautiful curls, we put her hair up on the top of her head using a ponytail holder and allowed the curls to fall naturally. This gives a casual, yet elegant, updo. Optional, you may add hair accessories like flowers, a tiara or decorative pins to give one more dimension to this look. What a great style for flower girls!
Low Ponytail Girls Hairstyle

The latest ponytail style these days is the low ponytail. This style works best for girls (with or without bangs) whose hair is about shoulder length or longer to allow the hair to become secured in the ponytail holder. We think curls add perfect little girl charm to  most any girl's hairstyle. To dress up this ponytail we added gorgeous curls and an attractive hair accessory. 
Flower Girl Flower Halo Hairstyle (without bangs)  


 This sweet flower girl headpiece is one of the most common flower girl hair accessories. The flower wreath is worn as a “halo” sitting directly centered on top of the flower girl's head. Our flower girl started out with straight hair a few inches longer than shoulder length. We added beautiful curls for her flower girl hairstyle (click here for details.) Next, we separated a few curls to frame her face and pulled the rest of the front back and secured with bobby pins. A perfect flower girl hairstyle - what an adorable look for a flower girl!  



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